Leopoldo Giordano's story begins in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples, in 1970. When he was a young boy, he attended a high school that focused on scientific subjects, which brought him closer to his future professional realization. Actually, it was this choice that allowed him to delight himself by creating a variety of interesting technic compositions, demonstrating quite the sparking talent for programming and drawing.

After high school, he hoped to pursue a career in engineering that would allow him to express all of his dexterity and creativity, two qualities he felt were inextricably linked to the needs of his nature: always reaching for new, unexplored horizons.

While deciding whether or not to attend university, he had to make ends meet by posing as a model: thus began the first photoshoots, catwalks, and travel; from Milan to Paris and from London to New York, Leopoldo finds himself, almost by chance, connecting with internationally famous artists and designers in a matter of a few years.

This is when he met Ernesto Esposito, an accomplished designer from Naples, who recognized the boy's talent and strong design proclivity right away.

That is how Leopoldo Giordano's fashion career began: in a factory, learning directly from the Masters, among whom was Giuseppe Baiardo - from the famous Iris shoe factory - who, despite appearing harsh at times, taught him all the fundamental techniques to overcome the typical difficulties of handmade manufacturing.

After a long time of working his way up the ladder, in 1996 he began to get more and more important roles, which would eventually lead Leopoldo, at this point manager and designer, to confront himself with a slew of big names, including Chloé, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Kenzo, Brioni, Bruno Magli, Golden Goose, Borbonese, Tod's, and Trussardi. That same year, the Neapolitan stylist debuted his women's shoe line, Leopoldo Giordano, which was distributed by Iris, now Onward Luxury Group.

From 1996 to 2016, the brand gained approval and prestige, revealing all of his personality: a sober and minimal style matched with a thunderous and eccentric disorder, recalling tradition, contradiction, Naples; the birthplace of an artist on the edge of two worlds, always searching for the definitive synthesis between ostentation and discretion, the shown and the hidden, dreaming of the beauty of a bygone era, cathartic and intellectual, oneiric manifestation of a strong woman, elegant but demure.

But as time passes, people change, they mature, they preserve and re-elaborate. Leopoldo is no longer that boy from Castellammare di Stabia who used to draw in high school or the designer who filled so many of the world's most famous shop windows. Today, he looks to the future, taking only what is necessary from the past to build something new, something different; he collects without betraying, but rather protecting what once was, with the goal of artistic and professional renewal.

That is how Reversaid came to be: an ambitious project, which sees the return of the designer Leopoldo Giordano, a man projected towards the realization of an idea, with the goal of shaking up and turning upside down the current pre-established balance; it is going down into the depths, going back at the center of everything, the heart of reality, to discover the essence of what is hidden behind what is shown.

Reversaid is the finish line: the destination of a journey without an end, taken up by an artist who has always looked for the invisible through the visible, who gave value to the unspoken, the silent words, the illicit secret hidden in the depths of the soul, which lies, silent and discreet, protected in the darkness of the night, waiting for someone to discover it, to understand it, and, at long last, to love it.